Motion sensors 

A motion sensor light or LED lights are a great way to stop foxes from returning. 

Pol Bishop, a gardening expert working for Fantastic Gardeners said: “Foxes hate light. They will often get spooked and run away if any sudden lighting appears. 

“I strongly recommend investing in a sensitive motion sensor light and attach it close to where the fox often goes. It’s a very effective way to deter them from your garden,” he told Real Homes. 

Sprinklers can also be used to deter foxes as they are easily scared by a burst of water. 

However, there are currently hosepipe bans in place across England, so the option of using a sprinkler to deter foxes shouldn’t be considered. 

High-pitched ultrasonic fox deterrents are also available, and while they are inaudible to humans, foxes, and other wildlife can hear them, and while they are effective, they can cause distress. 

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