Jeanette Gibson column
 |  Star Courier

October is the month when Many people Want to embellish our outdoors areas with the produce of the season – pumpkins!

As a Outcome of They arrive in Pretty a Little bit of types, colours and sizes, a festive fall current Might be put collectively to final all by way of The autumn season.

Or so We anticipate. Our urge To embellish with fall produce simply so occurs to coincide with native wildlife’s urge to fatten up for the upcoming winter.

From the human Perspective, we intend that these reveals are For adornment – for Taking A look at – for “fairly”. From wildlife’s Perspective, we’ve set out an unattended veritable smorgasbord of delicacies. Notably squirrels, who discover pumpkin seeds so irresistible And might go to good lengths To accumulate them.

This dilemma was, for yrs, An limitless fall conundrum right here at Gibson House. The biggest Method To take care of That fairly current with out it being chewed up by a horde of rampaging squirrels?!

The primary yr that we tried To bypass a squirrel invasion, we dutifully stored the pumpkins Shut to the entrance door, which, as You will Have The power to think about, didn’t work. The current wasn’t up a full week earlier than that pumpkin current Appeared like some wild animals had chewed on it…because That they had.

Before too prolonged, we have been left with holey pumpkins and pumpkin guts  strewn throughout The floor of the porch. 

Subsequent we tried “painting” the pumpkins with a cayenne oil combination that was reported To primarytain bugs and animals from gnawing on pumpkins. One good rainstorm later and now Tright here have been holey pumpkins and oily pumpkin guts and seeds strewn throughout The floor of the porch.

We tried shellacking the pumpkins in A water-proof shell. This solely triggered the pumpkins To collapse upon themselves into pitiful orange blobs of poisonous waste. Not precisely compostable…

We sprinkled animal repellent Across the reveals after that. This labored and we felt smug about our tiny victory till Finally As quickly as we watched a  squirrel cautiously creep up the entrance porch steps and slowly make his Method to Definitely one of many pumpkins. 

The squirrel sniffed Across the pumpkin for a second After which he agained away slowly and sat again on his haunches, wanting straight at me by way of the entrance door glass. 

My coronary heart sank as I watched his unhappy little face staring again at me. I felt utterly wretched.

 That was the second that we decided to create a pumpkin current That is squirrel nice. You see, squirrels are after the seeds Contained in the pumpkin.        Trial and error has taught us to carve a  4” hole Inside the greater again of the pumpkin So as that the squirrels can simply get inside to the seeds. By including fallen leaves and straw to The backside of the current camouflages any unfastened seed or pumpkin guts Which will Outcome.

As a Outcome of the pumpkins Find your self to be hollowed out they slowly dry from The within and retaInside their type till after Thanksgiving. After that, they slowly sink into themselves and Find your self to be compostable.