If mosquitoes forestall you from take pleasure ining your yard Inside the summer timetime, try preventing smarter, not extra sturdy. The Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System cowls sizable outdoors spaces, plus works with each app and voice instructions. Eliminating The want for perimeter cures and bug sprays, the LIV Consists of A sensible hub and As a lot as 5 all-climate repellers that diffuse an inseen and odorless vapor into the air To primarytain mosquitoes at bay. Our primary grievance is That you merely Might Need to dig a trench for the cables (although the setup course of is completely differentsensible straightforward). However most important, the LIV confacetrably lowered mosquito exercise and chews—making it an Editors’ Selection winner for outdoors smart house mannequins.

App-Managed Mosquito Safety

Massachusetts-based mostly Thermacell has been promoteing mosquito-repellent mannequins for Greater than 20 yrs and is biggest acknowledged for its moveable decisions, which start at round $24.99. Following buyer requests For A a lot greater, yard-frifinishly reply, The agency now supplys the LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System. 

The LIV system starts at $699 for A 3-repeller package Which will cowl spaces of As a lot as 945 sq. ft. The 4-repeller package ($799) is designaled for spaces of As a lot as 1,260 sq. ft, and the 5-repeller package ($899) for spaces of As a lot as 1,575 sq. ft. 

The agency recommfinishs the three-repeller package for small decks, patios, and hearth pit spaces. Everytime You’ve An monumental yard with a pool, You should in all probability Go for the 5-repeller system. After some quick meaconstructivements, I requested the 5-repeller system for my roughly 2,000-sq.-foot yard. 

Unareaing the 5-repeller package
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

The Thermacell LIV package Options A sensible hub (with a metallic plate and screws So that you will Have The power to mount it to Your house); the repellers; common mounts for placing in the repellers on decks and completely different surfaces; floor stakes for placing in the repellers on grass or mulch; 24-foot low-voltage joining cables; and repellant cartridges. Thermacell additionally supplys hardscape bases for $18 apiece that You ought to use To place in the repellers on surfaces Similar to stone, pavers, and decking.  

The smart hub put in on a windowsill
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

The smart hub, which meaconstructives 5.5 inches by 4.0 inches (HD), plugs Proper into any regular outdoors GFCI 110V outlet. It joins to your Wi-Fi community So that you will Have The power To regulate the system Out of your telephone by way of the LIV+ companion app (out tright here for Android and iOS). Inside the app, You will Have The power to share system administration with completely differents, create automated on/off schedules, and monitor estimated repellent levels. 

Every cylindrical repeller stands A few foot tall and Consists of an LED ring that bhyperhyperlinks when the system is first fliped on and nonetheless warmfactor up. The LED ring then glows steadily as quickly as the system is absolutely lively. You can customise the LEDs on the repellers to match your outdoors colour scheme Do You’d like to want.

Inserting a repellent cartridge Proper into a repeller
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

Infacet each repeller is a warmth-activated repellent cartridge. The repeller warmths and diffuses the repellent into the air, Making a 20-foot zone of shieldion (A ten-foot radius from the repeller) in the direction of mosquitoes. The system takes about 10 minutes to warmth up and create the mosquito-shieldion zone. Every cartridge lasts for about 40 hours of run time. When You are out of repellent, You ought to pop in A mannequin new cartridge. Thermacell says You should solely Have to swap out the cartridges as quickly as per season, but that estimate depfinishs closely on how prolonged And typically You use it. A pack of six alternative cartridges(Opens in A mannequin new window) prices $120, for reference, although On the time of this writing The agency is supplying a free refill set as a restricted-time supply.

The hardscape bases (purchased particular personly) are good for stone, pavers, and decking
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

The lively ingredient in the LIV repellent is 5.5% metofluthrin, an EPA-registered chemical That is odorless and undetectIn a place to people but irritating to mosquitoes. Thermacell says the system retains amethod “even the hardest mosquitoes collectively with People who may transmit Encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus.” Notice thOn the LIV system Does not kill mosquitoes; it merely repels them.

Though the EPA has categorized metofluthrin as a potential human carcinogen [supply: PDF(Opens in A mannequin new window)], Thermacell says the LIV system is each innocent to eat round And guarded For youngsters, pets, and wildlife.

“LIV is EPA-registered To be used wright here youngsters and pets Might Even be current,” Based on a spokesparticular person for The agency. “The EPA and Who’ve additionally concluded ThOn Tright here is An Low price surety that no harm will Outcome to bees or completely different terrestrial wildlife if using the product Based on label instructions. The mosquito repellent vapors produced by our product quickly disseminate in the air and little of the repellent ingredient falls on surfaces Similar to surrounding foliage wright here bees may land.”

For contextual content material, many widespread Home merchandises, meals, and substances are acknowledged human carcinogens(Opens in A mannequin new window)—eachfactor from alcoholic drinks and bacon to formaldehyde(Opens in A mannequin new window) and tobacco. We finally really feel snug recommfinishing the LIV system, but nonetheless encourage potential consumers to weigh the risks.

Easy to Install

I enlisted The assist of my useful neighbor and a frifinish for the setup; from Begin To finish, The complete set upation course of for the 5-repeller system in my yard took about 70 minutes. 

Depfinishing In your distinctive set upation requirements you may want A pair of primary devices, collectively with a faucete meaconstructive, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a drill with a 1/8-inch bit, and regular deck screws. 

Thermacell LIV hub put in on a windowsill
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

Start by roughly mapping out wright here You suggest To place in the hub And each repeller. Choosing An excellent spot for the hub, which requires an outlet, is paramount. Enconstructive Tright here’s A strong Wi-Fi signal shut to the outlet into which You suggest to plug the hub. Thermacell recommfinishs mounting or placing the hub A minimal of 30 inches off The beneathfacet to primarytain away from expoconstructive to water and snow. Mounting requires securing it with two screws. Thermacell provides a template in the area. Do You’d like to’re mounting it onto brick or masonry, You’d like concrete anchors and The relevant drill bit. Rather than mounting the hub to the facet of my concrete-block house, I merely placeed it on a windowsill wright here my roof shields it from The climate.

Once the hub is safed, plug it into An outfacet outlet and use Definitely one of many 24-foot cables To join The primary repeller to the hub. Then use ancompletely different cIn a place To join the second repeller to The primary one And so forth, daisy-chaining them Throughout the perimeter of The world You’d like To shield. The provided cabling was Greater than enough for The wants of my set upation.

Thermacell LIV repeller and stake
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

A walkmethod aprolongedside the facet of my house Leadvertisements to my yard and consists of pavers bordered by landscaping. I placeed one repeller on the border shut to The center of the walkmethod, and The completely different 4 Throughout the pavers to cowl my complete yard. I used some hardscape bases And a few floor stakes; each have been straightforward to work with and safely held the repellers in place.

Earlier than going by way of The drawback of cas quickly asaling the cables, Enconstructive to briefly power on the hub and look at thOn the milds on each repeller illuminate to confirm the system is working correctly. 

Staking a Thermacell LIV repeller to The beneathfacet
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

We Did not go to good lengths To cowl the black cabling, although you Could have to. Working the cables beneath my pavers would have added time and labor to the set upation course of and the aesthetic advantages of doing so Did not compel me to put forth The problem. That said, seen wires may bcompletely different some people. Do You’d like to’re in that camp, confacetr your decisions before You buy the system. Thermacell suggests You use a shovel to create a 3-inch deep trench to bury the cables; cowl them with mulch; use panorama sfaucetles to safe them aprolongedside pathmethods; or make use of cable hooks to safe them on decking. Everytime You’ve a grassy yard, You Could have to bury the cables to primarytain away from damaging them when you mow the backyard. In The Long time period, To sprime a tripping hazard, I used a doormat to cowl the one cable that crosses my walkmethod and ran The reprimarying round my pavers. 

Connecting Thermacell LIV cabling
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

When you get the repellers and cabling in place, You ought to insert the repellant cartridges. Simply take away each repeller’s hood, open the cartridge by twisting the blue prime counterclocksensible, and slide the cartridge into place till You are really feeling it click on. Sadly, A few of the repellant cartridges in my package leaked and the liquid acquired onto my palms all by way of this step. In A press launch, a Thermacell spokesparticular person said, “A few of the repellent cartridges that have been included in the areaes pre-launch leaked, but that [the packaging] has been fixed with the system being despatched to buyers.”

The set upation enterprise was surprisingly straightforward and even take pleasure inable. Connecting All of the cables had my frifinish reminiscing about time he spent Establishing audio gear at cas quickly asrt venues as a sound engineer. The good information is that You should solely have To place in the LIV system as quickly as. The hub and repellers can Get up to extreme climate, collectively with snow and extreme warmth, So that you will Have The power To go amethod them outfacet all yr And change the system on or off as wanted when You are In a place to take pleasure in being outdoorss.

Lastly, acquire the LIV+ mobile app and Adjust to the steps To join the system to your Wi-Fi community. Notice: The system works solely with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi communitys, not 5GHz ones. 

App and system setup

When you open the app for The primary time, it greets you with a reassuring message that Thermacell Will not ever serve you advertisements or promote your knowledge. After signaling up for a free account and conagencying your e-mail, a Bluetooth pairing request seems; press Okay so the app can discover and Hook up with your system. As An factor of the setup course of, You ought to grant the app permission To make the most of your location. 

Subsequent, faucet the plus signal > LIV Repeller System, choose your Wi-Fi community, and enter the password. Make constructive the hub is pohave beend on and that its LED is flashing. Press Proceed After which Await it To Search out and Hook up with your system. Once related and initialized, the app asks you to specify The state of affairs of your system (hearth pit, backyard, gazebo, or yard, For event); this step Is useful if You suggest to Arrange ancompletely different LIV system in A particular space.

Fewer Bugs, Fewer Bites

Wright here I stay, in the Tampa Bay space of Florida, mosquitoes are most prevalent Through the late spring and summer time moist season—truly Once I examined the LIV system. After using the system for about three months, I can confidently say It exactly works as marketed and confacetrably reduces the Quantity of mosquitoes in my yard (and thus chews). I by no means smelled any odor or noticed any seen vapor coming from the repellers. My canine Bradley, a pit bull with seasonal allergic reactions and delicate pores and skin, spent A lot of time Throughout the LIV system and it by no means triggered him any apparent factors. 

The LIV system doesn’t create an impenetrable mosquito forcearea; some will nonetheless make it by way of. Furtherextra, it doesn’t forestall completely different biting bugs from Getting into your yard. Thermacell says the system repels 93% of mosquitoes and my anecdotal testing agains that up. During a one-hour yard yoga session at nightfall, when mosquitoes are typically very lively, I noticed just two mosquitoes and sustained one chew with the LIV system lively. I can not definitively Inform you What number of chews I might have acquired in an hour with out the LIV system, but historic previous signalifies thOn the number would have been a lot higher than one; mosquitoes love me. As a Outcome of of the LIV system, I’ve spent Much extra time outfacet take pleasure ining my yard this spring and summer time than in earlier yrs.

As for the cartridges, I used the system a number of days per week for about 20 minutes Each time over a interval of three months and the cartridges nonetheless have An excellent deal of life left in them.

The LIV system is shielded for people and pets
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

The LIV+ app is properly-organized and uncluttered. It Is simple To level out the system on or off, As properly as to create schedules and extra, right Out of your telephone. 

The house part of the app lists your methods, And also you may flip them on or off particular personly. As a Outcome of I’ve Simply one system in my yard, that’s all I see right here. Tap A particular person system to see its current standing; For event, You will Have The power to look at whether or not It is related to Wi-Fi, whether or not It is presently lively, and whOn the reprimarying cartridge levels are. You’d possibly additionally customise The colour of your repeller LEDs and regulate the brightness diploma; I made mine pink and set them to 100% brightness. You can’t make each repeller A particular colour, by no meanstheless.

Thermacell LIV+ mobile app settings and administrations

You will discover the Schedule part in the tabs lining the backside of the app. Here, You will Have The power to create a schedule for the system to mechanically run on sure days and at particular events; set a timer for it to mechanically Activate or off after a sure interval; and allow system standing rethoughtsers. For event, You will Have The power to set the LIV system to mechanically Activate Daily at 5 p.m., so It is warmthed up And ready when you get house from work. If the system is presently on, You will Have The power to create a timer for it To level out off after an elapsed time (As a lot as 23 hours), a useful function Which will forestall cartridge waste. 

Notifications have On A daily basis reliably come by way of when the repellers are warmfactor up And ready

Inside the Settings menu, You will Have The power to toggle notifications for a number of circumstances: when the system is warmthed up; when the system is on for Greater than a set time; when the repellant diploma is low; when a schedule starts or finishs; and when one factor Is wrong with the system. I allowd All of the notifications, collectively with one for when the system was on for Greater than three hours. In testing, notifications arrived reliably. 

The LEDs on the repellers are straightforward to see Evening time and day, so I by no means foracquired to manually flip the system off Once I headed again infacet The house. Even so, the rethoughtsers supply peace of thoughts So that you will not by probability depart the system on overEvening time and burn by way of All of the repellant. 

I had no drawback joining the LIV system to Amazon Alexa and Google Helpant. To join it with Amazon’s digital assistant, just Search for and allow the LIV+ expertise in the Alexa app. To join it with Google Helpant, faucet the plus Check in the Google Home app After which Search for LIV+ and authenticate your account. 

A repeller at Evening time
(Photograph: Angela Moscaritolo)

After hyperlinking my accounts, I used to be In a place To regulate the LIV system with “Hey Google” voice instructions Similar to “Activate yard” and “flip off yard” by way of a Nest Mini. These self similar instructions additionally labored with Alexa by way of a second-period Amazon Echo.

The system Didn’t, by no meanstheless, Reply to some suggested Alexa instructions. When I said “Alexa, flip LIV on,” the digital assistant requested which dwelling-room system I Desired to regulate. When I said “Alexa, run yard mosquiTo shieldion,” it supplyed To assist me Arrange Alexa Guard(Opens in A mannequin new window). A Thermacell spokesparticular person says to phrase your Alexa voice instructions using your system’s exact system identify from the LIV+ app, Similar to “Alexa, Activate yard.” Its considperiodbly finicky Alexa integration Is method from a deal breaker Since the system labored flawlessly with the companion app. 

Reclaim Your Yard for a Swat-Free Summer 

The Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System Isn’t Low price, However it could Help you to reclaim your yard in the spring and summer time. And, although You Could have to dig trenches To shield or cas quickly asal the wires, the system Is simple To place in, and the repellers blfinish seamlessly into landscaping. Every cartridge supplys 40 hours’ worth of shieldion, And also you may conveniently flip the system on or off Out of your telephone. The LIV+ companion app supplys An excellent deal of useful monitoring and notification features. Most important, the LIV system effectively shielded me from mosquitoes in testing. It’s an revolutionary reply to A regular summer time drawback, and thus an Editors’ Selection award winner.

Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System


  • Efficient mosquiTo sprimeion

  • Safe for people and pets

  • Engaging, sturdy designal

  • Warms up shortly

  • Customizable And simple To place in

  • Helps schedules and timers

  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Helpant voice instructions

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The Bottom Line

The Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System, Which You will be In a place To regulate Together with your telephone or voice, supplys effective, on-demand shieldion in the direction of chewy mosquitoes in outdoors spaces of As a lot as 1,575 sq. ft.

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