The district administration has launched a ‘wild animal repellent’ To save tons of standing crops from stray wild animals.

The repellent, Neelbo, being synthesized using naturally out there substances, is used to Push again stray wild animals invading ranches and inflicting damage. Neelbo is used to Push again wild boars, porcupines, blue bulls and rodents that badly destroy crops both by biting, slicing and trampling at numerous levels.

As farmers have their farms Shut to the Western Ghats from Thirukkurunkudi to Sivagiri, in inside areas like Thaazhaiyooththu, Gangaikondan and Abhishekapatti and Ramar hillock near Alangulam face critical menace from elephants, Indian gaur, sambar deer, noticed deer and wild boars, photo voltaic electrical fencing is erected. Deep trenches are dug alongside the hilly area to look at the wild animal invasion. All these measures are of little assist to farmers.

Although the farmers repeatedly ask the Dehalfment of Forest to take away wild boars from scheduled itemizing of animals to allow cultivators Search out these animals on Getting into ranches, officers say that the affected farmers, who Ought to not take any such movement on Their very personal, should inform them So as that They might go to the spot to shoot dpersonal the wild boars damaging crops. Sadly, this association has not assisted the farmers in any method, the cultivators say.

Now, the wild animal repellent, Neelbo, is Extra probably To current aid to the farmers. Collector Shilpa Prabhakar Satish, who handed over the repellent To twenty farmers of Thaazhaiyooththu, That endure heavy damage to their vegetable crops by the invading noticed deer herds from the Gangaikondan Deer Park, said the distribution of repellent was an initiative by ATMA (Agricultural Know-how Administration Agency) in 12 blocks the place farmers have been dealing with critical factors from wild animals. Inside The primary half, the repellent has been given to the Thaazhaiyooththu farmers.

One litre of Neelbo Ought to be diluted with 40 litres of water By which jute rope or supplies threads Ought to be soaked in a single day. This jute rope or supplies thread Ought to be tied at a peak Of 1 ft or 1.50 ft from The underside Throughout the farm.

“The odor emanating from the jute rope or supplies thread chases amethod wild animals for A minimal of 20 days. Area trials, which have proved its efficacy, have proven that the combination Does not harm the animals or the farmers. People who are in want of Neelbo might contact the ATMA agriculture officers,” Ms. Shilpa said.

Deputy Director of Agriculture V. Balasubramanian was current.